Cattle NAIT Tag

Consistent readability and strong retention
Male 29mm
Female 31mm
Printing options
  • LaserBlack
    Product features
    • Available in FDX and HDX frequencies 
    • Available in Birth ID and Replacement Tags
    • Consistent EID readability performance
    • Protected transponder enhances readability
    • Flexible material of the male tag aids retention

    Note: Both the male and female NAIT Cattle Tags must be white to adhere to NAIT regulations

    Find out more about NAIT here.

     NAIT tag options:

    NAIT tags are available as a Birth ID and Replacement tags (formerly known as Traka tag). Both of these options are offered in HDX or FDX. Birth ID tags are ideal for tagging new born animals to ensure compliance with the NAIT scheme.
    Replacement tags should only be used for animals that lose their existing NAIT RFID tag. 




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